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Ultra EuroJet™, the world's finest kitchen sprayer

Inspired by the great kitchens of Europe, we perfected a simple yet amazing tool that simplifies preparation, disposal and clean up of some of the greatest meals in the world... yours.

With time so precious for all of us, saving a minute here and there can really add up. Rinsing fruits and vegetables becomes effortless with Ultra EuroJet and cleaning up is faster. Ultra EuroJet boosts your water output in the spray mode, enabling you to save water because you use it more efficiently. Simply pivot the stream or spray where you need it for a "hands-free helper in the kitchen"™, unlike your leaky vegetable sprayer.

With so many disposable sprayers on the market, we are proud to make the only one that is engineered to last. Most sprayers are made with plastic ball swivels, while Ultra EuroJet's entire upper body (including swivel points) are solid brass. This makes it virtually impossible to ever wear out these smoothly rotating sockets. Our exclusive rubber grip (patent pending) provides a comfortable non-slip surface for wet hands. Ultra EuroJet is the first and only sprayer/aerator to offer this convenience.

Lexical Technologies was the first manufacturer to offer a "Lifetime Guarantee" on a sprayer/aerator. This was easy to do, based on the solid brass construction and trouble-free performance of our product. Ultra EuroJet has always been the gold standard for quality, design and superior performance.

"Ultra EuroJet is the European kitchen secret."™ Now the secret is out and into your kitchen.

Ultra EuroJet Ultra EuroJet